The future of Food & Beverages Industry in Siliguri

The Food and Beverages Industry has been growing at a Fast pace in Siliguri

Siliguri is one of those Cities which loves it food and People love to dine out with friends, Family and Foes(at times to get things right). We have seen a good increase in the Road Side Eateries, Food Stalls, Cafes, Restaurant, Pubs and star hotels offering the best of Food to People of Siliguri.

The growing Culture couple with the Increase of people from adjoining areas coming to Siliguri over the weekend to caress their taste buds have led to regular increase in food joints of all kinds and sizes in Siliguri.

The recent dominance of Pub Culture and fine Dining Restaurant among the people in Siliguri has let to large scale absorption of Commercial Real Estate on upper floors in prominent places of Sevoke Road, S.F.Road and Malls at larges. We have seen the interest of not only Local Players but also large interest of some of the National Players who are showing a keen interest to catch up on the growth of Food & Beverages Industry of Siliguri.

We have seen that as many as 20(Twenty) new Restaurants, pubs, Cafe of large scale shall start operation in Siliguri in the next 6-12 Months.

All in all this is merry times for all the food lovers and also for all the Real Estate Developers who have been thinking how the Vacant spaces on the upper floor will be absorbed. Good for Real Estate and good for your Taste buds.

Happy Salivating glands for all !!!!

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