Are you looking out for buying a home? A lot of times buying a home is a intimidating and also involves sourcing funds from financial organisations. The process of buying a home not just involves choosing for one but also ensuring that the investment is secured and a long-lasting one. The home-buyer is left with no choice but to be careful with all the legal documents in the process of buying a home as well.

Title deed:

Title deed is a legal document that reflects the entry history of owners of that land or property. If the title deed or the original title document is not available with the seller of that land or property, there is a high probability of the legal document being with the bank for mortgage purposes.

Title search report:

The title search report is to check and validate the entries that are on the record in reference to the land or property; which is issued by the search department.

Title certificate:

This legal document is on the basis of the Title search report and issued by the advocate. All title documents in reference to the land or property are checked and validated by an advocate concerned in the case.

No due certificate:

No due certificate is issued after the clearance and settlement of loan, mortgages and charges by bank or financial organisation to rule out any and all claims to be sure that the land or property is free from any impediments.

Approved layout plans:

This is approved and sanctioned by the concerned authority with respect to the layout plans of the structure.

A home-buyer must be cautious and wary about the legal process and documents while buying a home. A professional consultant can be of help along with helping in selecting the right home and financial organisation to possess your own dwelling.

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